Too Legit

So, shit’s been real ugly in my country. I’ve, quite frankly, needed to stay the fuck away from all forms of social media (save, of course, for the Buffy Facebook groups I’m a member of, since they’re the only things worthwhile on the internet at the moment).

I’ve also been letting my DVR fill the hell up. Lots and lots of shows to catch up on. Though, even without letting the episodes accumulate, I’d still be about a month behind current episodes, just because of the sheer ridiculous number of series I watch. Which is the main reason things have been very quiet around this here blog.

So, for the time being, I’ll probably be just as quiet, except for when something magnificent comes around. Like, for example, Sweet/Vicious and MTV’s one-off special related to it, entitled Too Legit. Watch it. Swim in it. Let it sink in. Motherfuck all Republicans. Especially the fake Republican being sworn into the office he’s taking a big shit on. And extra-especially fuck the system that keeps a woman WHO WON from winning. (And, since I’m being even more candid than I usually am, fuck everyone shaming her for taking a goddamn well-deserved time out. You don’t get to spit in her face for years and then be mad she’s not trying to cleanup your misery-saliva before the garbage fire she “lost” to even starts the job he’s got no intention of actually doing.)


November Roundup

Things are slowing down for the year, folks. The list below is a short one. Might not do another roundup until mid-season officially starts.

The things worth your time (especially in bold):

The things that may or may not be worth your time, a.k.a. Meh:

See? So few new shows that I don’t even have anything to tell you that you definitely shouldn’t watch! I’d say it was a great month if it weren’t for all you fucking morons that didn’t vote for Hillary.

Anyways… Now that the new series have stopped premiering, I’ll probably force myself to quit being lazy and start actually writing review-y shit again. (But no promises…)

October Roundup

Some more new shiz of this season, in short:

The things worth your time (especially in bold):

The things that may or may not be worth your time, a.k.a. Meh:

The things not worth your time:

Old shit, no longer worth your time:

Okay, so, Eyewitness: The shit is good. Maybe even great. The thing about it is, though, that I’ve seen the original 6-episode Swedish series this it’s based on, which I loved. So, of course my brain is constantly comparing the two as I watch this Americanized iteration. It’s written by the creator of Shades of Blue, which I really didn’t love so that may not be much of a selling point, but what I mean to say is: it’s completely written by him. Adi Hasak sat down and fleshed out a complete, expanded 10-episode story which will have a conclusion. And the series itself was sold to USA as an anthology, so if there is a second season, it’ll be completely new. With all the hoopla these past few years with the seemingly endless cliffhangers and plot holes and unfinished stories, a proper ending is a magical thing to have and should be savored every time that comes around.

Not to mention: at the center of the small-town-murder-mystery story is a gay teenage romance that’s actually fucking respectful, doesn’t shy away from the sex real-life teenagers actually have, and doesn’t treat it like it’s something to be frowned upon while simultaneously accurately portraying the emotional struggle that comes with actually being a teenager accepting their sexuality. ACTUALLY.

The shit is good, I tell you. Just… a skosh less good than the original. Which, if I’m being honest, is probably the only reason it’s not bold in the list above. But you should watch it. Now. Go. Bye.