The Life and Times of London Spy

This ones a doozy, folks. Bear with.

I try to keep up with TV news as much as possible. Deadline is my go-to site. I visit it enough to have a list of its journalists whom I like which corresponds with the very short list of its journalists whom I hate with a passion (who also happen to hate me, I gather, given the massive amounts of comments I’ve posted that never made it past their asshole “moderation”). I’ve fallen behind on news as of late because of Valentine’s Day and a whole mess of “real world” work and in-law birthdays and partridges in a pear trees, etc. All of which is beside the point which is: when a new show is announced on Deadline and the description strikes my fancy, I put it on a list of what to watch later, if/when it makes it on air. A show about a gay spy in London did indeed my fancy strike.

When the first episode of London Spy premiered, I have to be honest: I was really impressed. Maybe I’m just American and therefor are not used to quality British thrillers. Maybe I’m just another plain ol’ gay dude who likes all things gay. Or maybe I really am someone who actually enjoys good television and this happens to be that. Either way, I wanted to know what other people thought, so I looked up reviews. Deep breath.

I won’t even link to the particular bullshit I found. I don’t wanna give the shitty reviewer any hits. His take on a subtle, nuanced love story in the middle of a mystery thriller went something like this:

“No plot, but lots of disco dancing! You might think it’s impossible to switch on the TV without seeing two gay men being all gay with each other, but the BBC seems to think we need more of those damn gay gays! And that’s all this show is. Period. Just gay music, gay dancing to gay music, gay sex, and then in the last 10 minutes something-or-other happened, but… *shrug* I don’t know what it was. I wasn’t really watching because I’m a piece of shit.”

For good measure, the “author” of that “article” squeezed in a review of a police documentary series that premiered the same night. He gave it five stars compared to London Spy‘s one. I’m guessing because the macho and assuredly heterosexual police cracked wise when pulling homeless drug addicts out of rat shit.

The shear contempt and obvious bigotry from a person who’s job it is to fucking watch television just astounded me. So, to fully counteract his bullshit, I present you with as detailed a play-by-play and as glowing a review as I can muster of each episode. Continue reading “The Life and Times of London Spy”