Too Legit

So, shit’s been real ugly in my country. I’ve, quite frankly, needed to stay the fuck away from all forms of social media (save, of course, for the Buffy Facebook groups I’m a member of, since they’re the only things worthwhile on the internet at the moment).

I’ve also been letting my DVR fill the hell up. Lots and lots of shows to catch up on. Though, even without letting the episodes accumulate, I’d still be about a month behind current episodes, just because of the sheer ridiculous number of series I watch. Which is the main reason things have been very quiet around this here blog.

So, for the time being, I’ll probably be just as quiet, except for when something magnificent comes around. Like, for example, Sweet/Vicious and MTV’s one-off special related to it, entitled Too Legit. Watch it. Swim in it. Let it sink in. Motherfuck all Republicans. Especially the fake Republican being sworn into the office he’s taking a big shit on. And extra-especially fuck the system that keeps a woman WHO WON from winning. (And, since I’m being even more candid than I usually am, fuck everyone shaming her for taking a goddamn well-deserved time out. You don’t get to spit in her face for years and then be mad she’s not trying to cleanup your misery-saliva before the garbage fire she “lost” to even starts the job he’s got no intention of actually doing.)