1. Why should I care about your opinions?
    • Look, I do this shit for fun. I write what’s on my mind, not what I think should be on yours. If you enjoy your television discussions with a side of snark and general clever merriment and if what I write happens to make you laugh, please feel free to read it. If not… don’t.
  2. Must you curse so much?
    • In a word: Yes. I write the way I speak. I’m not college educated and I don’t much care for tact. Basically, I tend to keep it really real.
  3. Will you write about something I ask you to?
    • Yeah, maybe. I’m not mad at recommendations. But don’t be mad if I say no. Or… be mad. I don’t want to control your emotions, friend.
  4. What’s the “Q” all about?
    • You know when you’re a teenager in the 90’s and the internet explodes and it’s suddenly a necessity to have a super cool screen name? Mine wasn’t. Actually, my first few weren’t. At some point, though, the ever important screen name became “queeroid” and that one stuck. It’s become a “brand” of sorts, I suppose.
  5. Why’re you so bitter, though?
    • I do try not to be bitter in real life, but I think that just makes it come out more in my writing. And, I mean… also just let a bitch be bitter. The world needs people like me, I tell you! So that folks will know who the truly positive people are. Without a bitter bitch, you’d have no one to compare the happy tree friends to.