Retraction #2: Limitless Isn’t.

Pun success!

I previously stated that I couldn’t say anything negative about anything Jennifer Carpenter-related. Unfortunately, that was a lie. But only a little one. ‘Cause I’m still not mad at her; or the show, really. But it’s got its issues and I’ve got the screen caps to prove it.

Specifically… Limitless has managed to reach its “funny” limit. But probably not forever. I think it’s just going to take some time for the writers to hit their comedic stride. Using Uno cards for Baccarat does not the “lulz” bring. (Yeah. There’s also that. When “lulz” is in a script… it’s not funny. No matter how ironic or cute you think it is.)


Then there’s this Spy vs. Spy, Angel vs. Angelus type of bullshit. It’s annoying. But I suppose it’s better than constant narration, if, for whatever reason, the writers feel like a singular conversation is the only acceptable form of exposition.


Also, Bradley Cooper isn’t Brian’s dealer. He’s his Methadone clinic.

So, I retract.

I was right about Joe Blow’s clothes not doing his body justice, though.


You’re welcome.

PS: What’s the deal with Cruella De Model from Cycle 21 popping up on a channel surf, though? Is CBS having some fun-pokes at The CW? The #shade of it all!



Retraction #1 (Kevin From Work)

It is with a thoroughly bored heart and mind that I must retract my previous post regarding Kevin From Work. After 5 solid weeks of pretty much nothing happening, save for the secondary characters being generally annoying in poor, lonely, or sexually frustrated ways… I can conclusively say that this is tea not even I wish to drink.

It was a good pilot. Not a great one, but good. The rest of the series, however, is neither. Without being overtly cruel, I’ll apologize for associating it with Marry Me and leave it at that.

In conclusion: not even fictional stalking can be funny.