So, the deal is: I watch way too much television. To an unhealthy extent. But since I don’t care all that much about my health and therefor have no plans to watch less television… I figured I’d put it to good use, rather than just letting it slowly (but surely) melt my brain. Hence: This here website! Applause, applause!

Now, as far as “review…” I’m not nearly disciplined enough to commit to regular reviews of specific TV shows. So, my version of “review” leans more towards “revue.” Think Sonny & Cher rather than Siskel & Ebert. In other words: I’m gonna write about whatever the hell I feel like writing about whenever the hell I feel like writing about it. The only constant will be TV. Whether it, in fact, is a review, or it’s an angry rant, or a running commentary, or an open letter to a writer or director… it’ll be here. And hopefully it’ll be entertaining. If not, feel free to tell me how much I suck and how lucky my day job is to have me.

Now, my husband tells me you should know something about me personally. “Why?” I haven’t a clue. But, here goes:

I’m 30-ish, gay, cismale, Argentinian, and Irish. Black hair, hazel eyes, and a winning smile. I grew up in New York, spent ten years in Florida, and currently reside in Massachusetts. Which basically adds up to me being an asshole, but everyone’s pretty used to it, and winter means a lot to me.

Because of the amount of television my eyeballs have consumed over my lifetime, a Top 10 list would be impossible to compile. So, I’ll leave you with this:

Joss Whedon is God.
And peace be with you.


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